You can practically say that I was born with a camera under my arm. Today, thirty years later, my love for photography continues to captivate me.

From an early age I was exposed to analog photography, sensing the beauty of treating the image from the moment the reel is inserted until it eventually makes its way to the lab and is revealed. Through modern advancements in technology, photography has since lost its true essence in that shooting has become much too simple. The intent is not just to click the button, but rather capture an image that sparks emotions. This is the objective I strive towards in every aspect of my work.


To my surprise, never did I imagine that video would also guide me in my path.

During the middle of my professional career, I was hired as an intern for a local television channel that would forever change me. Since that moment, I realized the beauty of storytelling through a lense but also the challenges that come with it. Filming and editing are two parallel worlds, each one requiring a tremendous dedication of time and creative imagination. My passion for the industry combined with my strong attention to detail is what continues to drive my constant pursuit for excellence and premium quality deliverables for my clients.

More than 10 years of experience in the audiovisual sector

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